Dry Ingredient Mixing Area Dust Extraction System Installed at Nairn’s Oatcakes, Scotland

Dry Ingredient Mixing Area Dust Extraction System Installed at Nairn’s Oatcakes, Scotland

  • Bespoke Designed Dust Extraction System
  • Removal of Airborne Dust and Improved Air Quality
  • One Stop Solution Supply From ROFLOW

Nairn'sThe Scots have been stashing their oatcakes in sporrans and schoolbags for centuries. Today, they are still as popular as ever as people choose to eat the minimally processed food, packed with simple natural process.

This is best showcased by industry leader Nairn’s Oatcakes. The company has been baking with oats since 1896 when John & Sarah Nairn first opened their bakery in Lanarkshire. The Nairn’s narrative of ‘the best things in life stand the test of time’ is one of the food industries finest examples.

Today Nairn’s are the largest producer of oatcakes in the UK and export to over 30 countries worldwide. This is magnificently punctuated with the company’s astounding production of six million oatcakes per day.

The Bonnyrig manufacturing process (gluten free) of Nairn’s products require large scale decanting and a variety of manual accompanied activity. The areas of operator decanting, mixing and weighing are now accompanied with a specifically designed bespoke LEV. (Local Exhaust Ventilation) dust extraction plant. The new dust extraction installation has been designed and installed to perform a high efficiency removal of the generated dust and complies with all relevant HSE guidance for the process.

The ROFLOW dust extraction system provides a generous high flow rate of dust extract which is capable of safe simultaneous use of all extraction points. The new plant includes purpose designed and fabricated dust extract captor hoods with interconnecting ducting and all from stainless steel within the production hall. The dust extraction system follows to a new dust extraction unit being designed to accommodate the variety of ingredient material and to suit the clients application. The dust extraction plant includes a fully automatic continuously cleaning pulse jet dust collector with the required ATEX design compliance. The plant also includes twin rotary valve dispensing of the waste into big bag collectors, this further reducing airborne contamination and simplifying removal of the collected dust.