ROFLOW 25th Anniversary

ROFLOW celebrated 25 years of business with a night of entertainment at Dunston Holmeside Club. The evening hosted by Mr David Gest with entertainment from former Drifter Mr Patrick Alan and his Mowtown Live Revue Show. Patrick also of OMG (Old Men Grooving) fame from Britain’s Got Talent.

The line up included X Factor stars Moni Tivoni, Chenai Zanuku, Jennifer Phillips, Mathew & Tenny from Revelation Avenue Choir, American Idols Dezmond Meeks and Amy Winehouse singer Zalon Thompson.

The evening ended with a charity raffle and a grand total of £1580. Money was equally distributed to The Presidents Sporting Club c/o Mr Mike Jackson and The Saint Francis Hospice c/o Mr Mark Aaron. Our fondest thoughts forever Mark Aaron.