Austenitizing Air Quench Fans at Union Electric Akers

Austenitizing Air Quench Fans at Union Electric Aker

  • Bespoke Manufactured Supply Air Quench Fan Units
  • Critical Assistance to Austenitizing Process
  • Flexible Enabled Usage

Union Electric Akers manufacture forged and cast rolls at the UK Gateshead site. The plant  has been producing rolls on the site since 1933 and prior to this was part of Lord Armstrong, Armstrong Whitworth Company which manufactured armaments and associated items.

The rolled manufacturing process is highly specialised and predominantly for the global hot strip mill market sheet steel production. Upon completion of the first stage manufacturing process, the hot rolls undergo an austenitizing air quench to rapidly drive down the roll substrate temperature. This process contributes to the adjustment of the micro-structure giving the desired hardness.

ROFLOW have manufactured and delivered 8 No. Dia 1000mm / 18.5 kW long cased axial, high flow rate fan units. The fan units include high efficiency aluminium Multi-Wing impellers. The fans each provide a flow rate of 76,500 m3/hr (45,000 CFM). The fans are manufactured on an adjustable heavy duty mild steel support frame assembly which enables for lockable directional delivery of the air onto the rolls. Inlet and outlet safety guards, crane lifting points and 3 phase flexible plug connection for usage throughout the plant.