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Broad LEV and Odour Abatement System Improves Operation at Pioneering Sustainable Biodiesel Producer Argent Energy’s Stanlow Site

Broad LEV and Odour Abatement System Improves Operation at Pioneering Sustainable Biodiesel Producer Argent Energy’s Stanlow Site

  • Extensive LEV System Installed, Including Bespoke Designed Captor Hoods
  • Fully Fabricated Stainless-Steel Ductwork
  • Activated Carbon Odour Abatement
  • Site Operation and Production Enhanced

ROFLOW have completed the design, manufacture, and installation of an extensive LEV system with Odour Abatement, assisting the operation of their pioneering bio-diesel manufacturing process. Argent specialises in the supply of high grade, sustainable diesel for fleet operators, delivering to over 100 UK depots from Kent to Dundee. Their Stanlow plant specialises in the extraction and processing of the bio-components of their fuel, derived from waste rich in fats and oils. This includes high FFA oils and fats, used cooking oil & tallow, food waste and grease trap & effluent wastes (sewage fatbergs).

At the initial stage of their process, the aforementioned waste is offloaded into two subterranean tanks known as the FOG pits (Fat, Oils and Grease), with sewage fatbergs and food waste being a major component of their raw material. The initial 1st and 2nd stage of processing this raw material removes any none-biological waste before preparing the material through a hot process prior to being taken to another part of the factory for further refinement. Within this section of the process, there are several points of fume release, the largest being the pit itself along with smaller openings situated throughout the production line.

The FOG pits each contain 2 No. Linear Slot Side Draft Captor Hoods and are completed with opening and closing hinged access doors in which optimise design airflow in between waste decanting schedules. Throughout the other areas in which were deemed susceptible to fume release, captor hoods have been deployed, allowing the odorous gas and steam to be largely removed at the source. As well as offering at-source removal of the offensive fumes, the system offers an air change rate in excess of the 3 AC/h advised for a building of this type, which is substantial giving the size of the shed in comparison to the process.

Due to the heat and steam involved in this stage of the process, design consideration was given to the construction of the ductwork and captor hoods, all being manufactured entirely from fully seam-welded substantial guage 316 grade stainless steel with bolted flange connections and completed with PTFE gasket to prevent leakage.

The decanting and moving of the materials mentioned in the process can be significantly odorous, thus odour abatement is required prior to discharge. Once extracted from the building, the odours are removed from the air using a Desotec© AirconH activated carbon filter prior to being released to the atmosphere. The AirconH filter is capable of treating up to 40,000m3/h of air. The benefit of the Desotec model to the client was the total replacement of the whole filter once the carbon becomes saturated, removing the need for the client to undertake the manual change-out of the carbon and disposal of the waste carbon themselves. Desotec handle all this for them. Activated carbons are a non-hazardous carbonaceous substance which purify the air through a process which is known as ‘Adsorption’. The adsorptive properties of the activated carbon allow impurities to be ‘adsorbed’ into the carbon through the porous structure and large internal surface area, essentially trapping them within the carbon and effectively removing any smells.

ROFLOW are proud to say the implementation of this system has vastly improved the air quality of the area, donating a much more pleasant working environment as well as appropriately discharging the air in a neighbourly fashion. We wish all at Argent Energy as well as Desotec continued prosperity and we are grateful to have been selected to contribute to such an engaging project.