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Energy Requirement of Maintaining Thermal Comfort within Heathrow Airport

Energy Requirement of Maintaining Thermal Comfort Significantly Reduced within Heathrow Airport Rapid Goods Screening through Utilisation of Plate Recuperator Heat Recovery System

  • Waste Heat of Electrical Machinery Utilised
  • Temperature Difference Between Supply & Extract Greatly Lowered
  • Energy Consumption & Carbon Footprint Consequentially Reduced

ROFLOW have completed the manufacture and installation of a comprehensive heat recovery scheme within Heathrow Airport’s Rapid Goods Screening X-Ray Suite, incorporating a plate heat exchanger between the exhaust and supply airstreams providing ‘free heat’ from utilising the sensible heat gains of the screening equipment within the space. Heathrow Airport is the biggest in the UK, transporting over 80.1 million customers and 1.7 million tonnes of cargo to over 203 destinations in 84 countries every year.

The wild heat from the substantial electrical equipment in the area afforded a unique opportunity for energy recovery, taking advantage of the once squandered warmed air in which was previously dispelled to atmosphere. A plate heat exchanger was appropriately selected as this allows the sensible heat from within the space to be largely transferred to the incoming fresh air supply.

The energy requirement of maintaining thermal comfort within the X-Ray suite was consequentially vastly reduced due to the installation of this system, lowering the cost and consumption of utilities as well as contributing to Heathrow’s zero-carbon ambitions. Many commercial and industrial operations provide opportunity for utilisation of waste heat and can offer quick and lucrative payback on capital investment as well as make a significant dent in the buildings overall carbon footprint.

Airport X-Ray Suite Heat Recovery System