Global Food Packaging Manufacturer Strives for Sustainability (Food Related)

Global Food Packaging Manufacturer Strives for Sustainability Utilising Process Heat with Run-Around Coil Heat Recovery Installation (Food Related)

  • Fume Extraction System Installed to Maintain a Safe Working Enviroment
  • Unfiltered Replacement Air Ventilation System installed to Replace Extracted Air
  • Waste Heat from Fume Extraction System Harnessed through Installation of a Run-Around Coil System to Provide a Free Heat Source from the Replacement Air
  • Thermal Conform Enhanced in Production Hall Without Inflation of Energy use

Roflow have completed the design, manufacture and installation of an extensive ventilation and heat recovery programme for Paccor UK’s Birtley site including a fume extract LEV system, a replacement air ventilation system and a run-around coil heat recovery system.

Paccor UK are a global player in the manufacturing of sustainable protective food manufacturing, boasting 3000 employees in 15 countries. Like with many manufacturing processes, Paccor UK’s Birtley plant had opportunity to utilise the waste heat energy of their operation. Energy recovery systems can readily provide significant reductions in energy consumption and return lucrative payback on capital investment. Not to mention the notable endorsement to our responsibility in reducing carbon emissions.

Fume extraction was required on the thermoformer production line and as a manufacturer of food related products, any mechanical extracted air must be replaced into the building with an unfiltered mechanical system. This was seen as an auspicious opportunity for energy recovery due to the high temperature of the process fume.

A Run-Around coil system was appropriately selected such to avoid cross contamination of airstreams. This type of system transfers energy from exhaust to fresh air through use of two sets of coils, in which a heat transfer fluid (Water/ Glycol mix) is pumped between the two providing a continuous transfer of heat. This allowed the contaminated waste heat from the extraction to be expediently utilised.

The Roflow plant includes a common ducted LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) canopy system from the 13 No. thermoformer production lines. Fume from the process is passed into the overhead ducted canopy system. This warm air in turn is filtered and passed through the run-around coil heat recovery system prior to being dispersed into atmosphere. The waste heat energy from the process is transferred on demand and utilised to heat the ambient air to the replacement air system.

The substantial plant has an efficiency in the order of 60% and can recover 190kW of waste heat energy from the process.

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