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High Volume Ventilation System within Paint Plant Hall at Anord Mardix’s Preston Site

High Volume Ventilation System with Full BMS Controls Donates Energy Efficient Wild Heat Removal within Paint Plant Hall at Anord Mardix’s Preston Site

  • ROFLOW Vertical Supply Air Ventilation Units
  • Roof Extract Fans Installed
  • Wild Heat from Process Removed as Generated by System
  • Full BMS Controls

ROFLOW have successfully designed and delivered a full and broad high volume ventilation scheme, with fully integrated BMS controls within the paint plant area of Anord Mardix’s Preston facility. Anord Mardix are the worlds leaders within the critical power industry, manufacturing and supplying power distribution and protection equipment to the global market.

The zoned ventilation scheme for the Paint Plant area included large volume ROFLOW ambient air input ventilation, as well as individual high level roof mounted extract fans. The selected vertical supply input units are from the ROFLOW standard range and provides a high flow rate with economical cost.  The supply ventilation is installed in conjunction with individual roof extraction units and are designed to accommodate a generous ventilation air change rate within the hall, with design consideration given to the existing plant and equipment. The roof extract units consist of special high temperature plate axial extraction fans, which are more suitable for areas with oven-curing components. The fans are housed within GRP kerb and mushroom cowls (which allows both internal and external access to the fan for maintenance) and are completed with backdraft shutters; preventing infiltration of unfiltered outside air whilst the fans are not in use.

In order to prevent wasted energy, the system is designed to only initiate operation when it is needed. To ensure the ventilation is only delivered at optimal times, the operation is conditional upon an upper and lower limit thermostat temperature sensing arrangement, which will engage and disengage the system depending upon the internal temperature of the paint plant area.

The system has provided Anord Mardix an energy-frugal solution to the associated internal gains of the paint plant equipment, removing the wild heat and improving the overall air quality of the space.