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Production Hall Ventilation Scheme Completed at Bespoke Food Manufacturer (Food Related)

Turn-Key Production Hall Ventilation Scheme Completed at Award Winning Bespoke Food Manufacturer Innovate Foods’ Kirkcaldy Plant

  • Replacement Air Supply Attained for Process Extraction
  • Wild Heat Removed as and When Demanded
  • Thermal Comfort and Air Quality Enhanced

ROFLOW have successfully executed the design, manufacture, and installation of a broad production hall ventilation scheme encompassing a full BMS control strategy, allowing energy efficient removal of process heat whilst also delivering an overall improvement of air quality. The independent zoned ventilation scheme for the Production Hall area included large volume ROFLOW ambient air input ventilation as well as individual high level rectangular section extract header systems. The selected vertical supply input units are from the ROFLOW standard range and is of the larger type which provides a high flow rate and economical cost. The supply ventilation is installed in conjunction with the individual extract systems and are designed to accommodate a generous ventilation air change rate within the hall with design consideration given to the existing plant and equipment.

Innovate Foods is an award-winning producer of bespoke food for the foodservice and retail sectors and have been in business for 30 years. The main production hall of their Kirkcaldy plant contains large fryers, tunnel freezers and packaging apparatus. Due to the high concentration of manufacturing equipment, the area had grown victim to unwanted internal gains and poor air quality. The purpose of the ventilation system is to provide constant replacement air to the existing process extract whilst providing the area with further ventilation to remove wild heat as and when required. This meant that a great deal of consideration was needed with respect to the design of the system as further ventilation is only required when the internal temperatures are becoming uncomfortably high.

To ensure the ventilation is only delivered at optimal times, the 2nd stage higher volume setting is conditional upon an upper and lower limit stat temperature sensing arrangement, which will engage and disengage depending upon the predetermined temperature parameters.

The implementation of this system has reportedly vastly increased thermal comfort within the area as well as the welcome addition of improving the cleanliness of the once grease-laden air.