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ROFLOW Part in Prestigious Government Contract

ROFLOW Part in Prestigious Government Contract

  • Minimised Operator Manual Handling Intervention
  • Automatic Compacted Delivery of Waste Material
  • Operator Demand Flexibility

ROFLOW are proud to have been involved to support Draeger UK in their highly prestigious UK Government contract. The Draeger swift reaction undertaking seen requirement for new premises, new technology, new manufacturing plant and new staff to enable the roll out of the 50 million FFP3 face mask NHS order.

The production of the face masks from the multiple line manufacturing plant required the automated removal of the surplus FFP skeleton material. The ROFLOW solution for this part includes a purpose designed waste material scheme. The surplus skeleton material is extracted from the multiple line manufacturing plant and into the ROFLOW material handling system.

The first stage has a rapid action individual cutter arrangement prior to being passed into the high velocity duct exhaust system. The scheme design also has a 50% redundancy inclusion to accommodate any future reduced production volume demand.

The waste handling duct system delivers the stream from 2 No. individual heavy-duty chopper fans (50% capacity each) and into the main handling plant. The externally located material handling plant includes a rotary separator, automatic material delivery with 2 No. compactor units and large skip collection.

The ROFLOW plant also includes a final automatic high efficiency terminal filtration unit which filters the exhausted air prior to being passed into atmosphere.

We at ROFLOW are honoured and delighted to have been a part of this noble contract.