Specialised A.H.U For Critical Control

ROFLOW design, manufacture and install ‘Close Control’ schemes from the most intimately unusual to the more conventional applications. Our expertise allows us to embrace the uses of air, its applications in industry, workplace and leisure. We believe they are not only essential but they are unbounded.

We have specialist experience in many areas of manufacturing, process and product subsistence which require a finite degree of ‘Close Control’ to guarantee quality and condition. This may include critical adjustment of temperature, humidity, pressure and air purity.

Jiangyin Bridge de-humidification project over Yangtze river

Our vast experience in providing ‘Humidity’ controlled environments augments our status in this highly specialised field.  We serve most segments such as pharmaceutical, food, electronics and agricultural etc.  Applications also include climate optimisation, preservation and restoration.  We have been involved in schemes as diverse as dehumidifying suspension bridges against corrosion, to conditioning rooms for manufacturing cold and flu remedies. Please consult our technical team regarding any enquiries.




Lockerbie Curling Rink De-Humidifying Ventilation System

Research And Development Laboratory With L.E.V

Whether it be occupational, technological or environmental in application, ROFLOW deliver innovative solutions combining established and specialist techniques incorporated within first class manufactured schemes.

  • Close Tolerance Environmental Conditioning
  • High Heat / Super Cool Engineering
  • Validated Pure Air
  • Critical Humidity System Control
  • High Integrity Certified Pressurisation
  • Humidity  Preservation / Restoration