Nuclear Treatment Plant Pulse Cartridge Dust Extract

The ROFLOW organisation includes specialist environmental engineers supported by a dedicated directly employed workforce of technical and contract engineers, multi disciplined manufacturing personnel and installation teams.

Our design team hold current British Occupational Hygiene Society accredited training certificates in accordance with HSE guidance document HSG 258

P601 – Commissioning and Thorough Examination & Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems

P602 – Design Principles of Local Exhaust


Dust Plant Commissioning
  • High Efficiency Pulse Cartridge / Pad & Tubular Filters.
  • Cyclone Separators.
  • Auto Shaker Filters.
  • Waste Transfer Controlled Dispensing Systems.
  • Special Purpose Booth Range.
  • Articulated Mobile Captor Hoods

Systems can be manufactured from a range of specialist materials including – mild steel, stainless steel & a range of nickel alloys.

Engine Test Cell Extraction Plant