As now widely acknowledged, we never understate the benefits of a well ventilated comfortable working environment. Since the 1960’s, numerous scientific studies have given credit to thermal comfort enhancing a more productive and happy life.

Heating, cooling and ventilation is the largest market of our industry where application to solution techniques evolve to give the end user unlimited choices.

As an independent specialist we believe in circumspect impartiality in appraising the scheme design. This ensures a balanced influence to dialogue when deciding between economy, efficiency and performance against capital cost.

We are expertly equipped to deliver multiple varieties of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for hugely diverse applications.

ROFLOW has a committed embodiment to exceed performance expectation from safe installation to direct lifetime maintenance support throughout the UK.

Providing Clean Air With Utmost Care

Our extensive air handling manufacturing expertise enables us to engineer the necessary ancillary equipment required for rolled up turnkey solutions.

  • Natural gas, LPG, oil fired and
  • electric heating
  • Gas and electric radiant heating
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Refrigerant and chilled water cooling
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Absorption Chiller (Heat Energy Conversion for Cooling Applications)

Heating and cooling for industrial and commercial applications

Heating and cooling for product and production environments

Heating and cooling for comfort control