ROFLOW design creative solutions for Process Control in a variety of manipulated forms.

Air can be economically employed within many production environments to expedite or control a process.

ROFLOW employ the strategic use of air to effect unique conditions and desired properties. Many of such are highly specialised and have evolved through specific performance development. We are able to impart our expertise and assist in undertaking the most unusual optimisation projects.

Pre-Galvanising Drying Chamber Air Curtain
  • Substrate Mechanical Heating and Cooling
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Air Knives and Air Curtains
  • Material Separation and Transfer Systems
  • Process Vacuum Engineering
  • Oven Curing and Process Drying
  • Acoustic Engineering Solutions

Airport X-Ray Suite Heat Recovery System

Heat Recovery Systems

A large proportion of process work involves the utilisation of heat recovery systems. Many industrial businesses have waste heat as a by-product of their operation.

We can design and install creative heat recovery systems which utilise waste heat energy.  The waste heat can be transferred and employed as pre-heat (or cool) to the original source.

Common applications include heat recovery (liquid or gas) utilised to heat the production of office space. For businesses with high water usage such as food halls and chemical plants we can provide hot well water or water pre-heat to serve existing operations.

Energy can be recovered from the available warm / hot air source and employed in many forms that can result in huge savings.

Replacement Air Unit with Run Around Coil System
  • Thermal Wheels.
  • Run Around Coil.
  • Heat Pipe Recuperator.
  • Air Transfer Heat Optimisation Systems.
  • Compressor Heat Recovery.

Automotive Plant Multi-Process System