Now living in the age of information and to allude to Oscar Wilde, we have access to understand the price of everything however, to appreciate the value is not always as apparent.

Energy recovery systems can readily provide significant reductions in energy consumption and return lucrative payback on capital investment. Not to mention the notable endorsement to our responsibility in reducing carbon emissions.

Many processes in manufacturing industries to commercial buildings and leisure facilities have wonderful opportunities to utilise their waste heat energy.

Common applications include heat recovery (liquid or gas) utilised to heat production / warehouse or office space. For businesses with high water usage such as food halls and chemical plants we can provide hot well water to serve existing operations.

  • Air to Air Plate Recuperator Energy Recovery
  • Run Around Coil Energy Transfer (heat or cool) Systems
  • Heat Pipe (gas to liquid) Energy Transfer Systems
  • Air Knives and Air Curtains
  • Substrate Mechanical Heating and Cooling
  • Process Curing and Drying
  • Acoustic Engineering Solutions

Creative solutions for energy recovery
systems and process optimisation