The Baths Hall DW172 – Kitchen Ventilation System

ROFLOW have been installing ventilation systems throughout the U.K. for over 25 years.

No other organisation is better equipped to deliver a more comprehensive variety of ventilation solutions.

Our superior ‘Know How’ and ROFLOW product range are underpinned by extensive manufacturing capabilities. This enables us to economically incorporate any specialist air handling equipment to create best results.

From the most technically sophisticated to the more practical and basic; we will engineer tailored high quality systems on time, safely and to suit budget.







  • Comfort Cooling Ventilation.
  • Vertical Input & Horizontal Input Ventilation Units.
  • Air handling plant (heat / cool / mix / heat recovery).
  • Dilution Ventilation & Gas Detection.
  • Evaporative Cooling Ventilation.
  • High Specification Filtration Systems.
  • De-stratification ventilation.
  • Bespoke manufacture to suit restricted access.
  • For extract ventilation see fume extraction