ROFLOW design, manufacture and install ventilation schemes throughout the UK for an endless variety of industrial buildings. Many of these buildings are subject to high internal heat gains being generated from production activity. Most commonly this is a result of manufacturing plant or processes elevating air temperature within the workspace.

A high proportion of this application type incorporate the use of ROFLOW vertical and sidewall supply air ventilation units. Through perspicacious experience, we are able to design systems with our supply air ventilation units providing highly efficient cooling ventilation in localised form.
This is a dedicated overview of these units and how they apply to deliver successful installations.

ROFLOW create well ventilated comfortable conditions for a healthier working environment for many OEM organisations and extensively in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, domestic products and automotive related sectors.

System design maybe zone strategic providing direct comfort cooling or utilised in a more subliminal technique for temperature control. Unit range options extend from low to high volume with multiple choices on air intake (cowl /penthouse), fan, filtration category and diffusion header detail.

Standard units are constructed from galvanised mild steel with availability in colour paint finish; providing function, form and the aesthetic to ventilation. We are also able to manufacture from stainless steel or aluminium.

All ventilation equipment construction is carried out to the highest standards in our own ISO certified manufacturing plant. This ensures precise specification and unhindered delivery times.

Operation of the ventilation plant zone is ordinarily energy efficient and on demand from the temperature sensing space thermostat. The system engages within the adjustable pre-set upper / lower limit temperature band, switching on / off as required. Standard control is open protocol BACnet intelligent with options on BMS and network integration.

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