Automotive Component Weld Fume LEV

ROFLOW has been at the forefront of designing and installing specialist fume control and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems for over 30 years. We provide the link between safe operation of the client’s plant with effective control of the pollutant to the workforce and environment. This is hugely important as correct compliant system design requires ongoing validation and legislative performance assessment governing the process. Our esoteric knowledge, expertise and understanding has enabled us to pioneer up-scaled safe efficient fume control systems. Many of these being unique to the client’s particular process to the more common requiring regular established occupational hygiene compliance.

Good design to the workspace should comfortably exceed expected safe working control of the contaminant. Further consideration should be borne in mind for any process optimisation, this to reduce capital / running costs as often different combinations of fume control equipment maybe required.

As an independent specialist we impartially design, select and deliver the best suited engineered solution for the application. This plant is usually incorporated into a bespoke manufactured scheme to produce the most efficient and reliable installation. In particular, our extensive ISO certified manufacturing capabilities enable us to engineer high specification fume control systems to suit the most oppressive atmospheres.

Our maintenance and service team are always on hand to provide full and comprehensive support to all our installations (including other plant) throughout the UK

Typical projects undertaken are –

Our design team hold current British Occupational Hygiene Society accredited training certificates in accordance with HSE guidance document HSG 258